Carlo was always drawn to the Sea, and got his CMAS, 1st Grade Diver Certification at an early age in 1988 and his boat license in the winter of 1991. This was quickly followed in 1992, by certifications as a Light Sailing Instructor and Skipper in the UISP at the Centro Nautico Utopia where he worked for 2 seasons.

In 1992 he began a collaboration with ‘Comunità Exodus all’Isola d’Elba’, providing athletic training and sailing courses for users of their centre.

In 1993 he obtained the MIP Swimmers Assistant Certification at the Harbour of Portoferraio.

In spring 1994, he obtained the „First Certificate“ awarded by Cambridge School of London. In the Autumn of 1994, Carlo crossed the Atlantic from the Canaries to the Caribbean and worked in the archipelago of the Grenadines in Grenada, as a dive guide and skipper, teaching mostly in English.

Back in Italy, in May 1995 trained and got his PADI Dive Instructor Certification.

In 1997, Carlo worked at the „Sailing Club Porto Azzurro”, teaching children and teenagers in sailboat racing activities.

In 1998 he held the first training course for Sailing Instructors in Ferrara, for the Sailing Overseas Group; at the same time, he acted as a skipper on cruises in various areas including Croatia, Greece, Aeolian Islands, the Balearic Islands, Sardinia, Corsica and Liguria.

In 2002 he trained and got 1st Grade Certification from the Federation of Kite Surfing Italy (FKI).

In June 2004 he organised a training course for sailing instructors on behalf of the „Mal di Mare“ in Pescia Romana and also cooperated with the Union Solidarity Sailing Association (UVS).

In June 2004, to expand his increasingly strong, spiritual relationship with the water, he participated in a course of Apnea in constant weight and variable, held by Umberto Pelizzari in Santa Teresa di Gallura. The course was based on relaxation techniques, yoga and biofeedback. Fascinated and thrilled by the experience, he participated in an Apnea Academy instructors course and achieved his Instructor’s License in November 2004 and became the head of „Apnea Academy in Social“.

In March 2005 he published the “Ragazzi, all deriva! Scuola di vela, scuola di Vita” (“Sailing, Drifting, School of Life Guide”), published by Mursia, and in March the same year he founded the Amateur Sports Association, „Katabasis“. Also in 2005, Carlo took part in the training course for Sailing Instructors, organized by the Italian Sailing Schools (AISVE) in collaboration with the Marine Training Centre (CFN) and the French Sailing Federation (FFV).

In March of 2006 he taught the first course of Experimental Education for the Union Solidarity Vela.

In 2007, Carlo opened Katabasis Freediving CENTRE – ELBA, and in 2008 was certified in the speciality course as Freediving Instructor for children (kids as dolphins).

In 2009 he completed the Rescue course for Apnea Instructors, and in 2011 he obtained the FIPSAS Certification as a Spearfishing Instructor.

In 2012, together with Federico Mana and Giangiacomo Minak, he became an SSI Freediving trainer Instructor.

In 2014 Carlo formed a cooperative relationship with MARES and consequently with Gianluca Genoni.

In 2017 became a MARES AMBASSADOR and has opened the “Katabasis Freediving Centre, Portofino”.